Sunday, September 27, 2009

Non-Objective Art

Non Objective Art
Today’s lesson started with discussion of an article about “did the Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock hide his name amid the swirls of a one of his paintings? “ This led into using something tangible to create a non-objective piece of art. There is a gap between lack of imagery and emotional response. Non objective art is just that….no recognizable object. Color shape & line are used capture this exact moment and infuse energy creating an emotional response. You can use lots of tools to get the different effects, today’s purpose was to free up our brains and allow us to put past behaviors & habits away and be completely free to express whatever was going on at that moment. Sometimes small finishing touches can push the painting to be completed. Such as with this painting, it didn’t come together until the areas of black white were laid out. A non-objective piece of art is an art piece where you can't recognize the things inside. Meaning, you see the art piece and you may have a few ideas as to what it’s depicting, but you can't really say for sure what it is because there are just too many possibilities. They are normally made to give the viewer a certain emotion when they see it. That is the goal of non-objective art…to create an emotion response. Pickup up a paintbrush and try it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art Class w/MK

I am currently enrolled in an acrylic painting class with a local sioux city artist. We have had two sessions and it has been a refreshing and enlightening experience. Today's post is a very quick drawing then extremely quick wash of a still life. Just trying to get used to putting paint on paper again and will be learning new techniques for applying paint....who knows what I will use to put paint down with. There are no rules. Actually there are rules and you need to know them before you can intentionally break them. The class seems very promising and there are a variety of students with extremely precise drawing skills. It will be a challenge for me. Keep you posted on next week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An exciting thing happened, my sketchbook from 2006 was found at the Art Center. I was a little hesitant about opening it up feeling failure as I held it close to me. But, inside what I saw was a very focused person with detailed drawings narrative about what direction I wanted each peice to go. Even a few news paper clippings. I listed medium formulas, glazes, and inserted examples of they way I wanted a painting to turn out. Oh to be that focused again. I will, I shall, I can. This painting was one of Bailey on the beach. I wrote a couple of pages about the painting and sketched it out several times before attempting it. Some time the first year of painting is the most exciting.....before you start judging yourself.

unfinished business

OK enough of social networking, I need to get down to some serious creating. I have started painting a little again. For some reason I don't seem to finish anything, not sure if it's because the painting subjects are so varied or what. Anyway here are a few pieces that are so called orphans.....really no home and really not complete.