Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Today was yet another rainy day in Sioux City. It's Saturday and the 2nd annual Art Walk was taking place. The Walk was a little damp and soggy but I did enjoy the day, reconnecting with old artist friends. In the end... there is just never enough art!

Class was bumped to the annex which wasn't all bad. It's easier access and less pretentious than upstairs at the art center. Today we used a palette knife only to create our painting. Mark set up a composition of wooden figure models on top of a pile of beanie babies...nice. Any way, our task at hand was to create movement, using the palette knife only, putting down thin layers to create a layering structure and extract a general feeling about what the figures are doing, such as walking through leaves or distorted body poses with various shapes and colors, gravitas and blah blah blah. My painting does have movement almost like people charging out of hell and yelling. It was fun....I think I need more palette knife experience.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am sure you are saying....oh another dull boring blog entry. Sorry but I was really excited about this class. Previously we talked about extracting things out of a painting and doing master studies. It was very interesting and definitely made my brain stretch. The next exercise was to cut out various shapes from a magazine and arrange them to create an interesting composition. Once that was done we then extracted things out of that composition and began sketching ideas for a potential painting. After the initial sketches were made we took an element out of the sketch and began putting paint on canvas. To me this was very therapeutic and I really enjoyed creating layers. I struggle with values and sometime feel that my paintings are overall at the same level of intensity. I began by putting in darker areas to create depth. I had some oil pastels so I used those to bring out my lights. I really enjoyed seeing how the colors popped off of each other. I am a color freak! The result I used as my header in my blog, I was very pleased with it. This photo shows the collage then abstracting on paper, then the final product. I know this type of art isn't for everyone but I truly wish everyone could experience what it felt like to make it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas cacti and turtles.

Today's class was about the layering structure in a painting. Using efficiency instead of drudgery. Using transparent layers to create a complex effect. Its actually a very straight forward process creating a complex look. One thing we were supposed to take note on was how objects interact with each other. Also to look for objects of the same nature repeat themselves in the painting creating a very cohesive piece. I struggle with using the same brush strokes throughout out my painting and it was suggested that I switch to a much small brush to force myself to make different strokes. Each of us painted the same Christmas Cactus but they all had a very individual look. This painting was layed out in alizerin crimson.