Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am sure you are saying....oh another dull boring blog entry. Sorry but I was really excited about this class. Previously we talked about extracting things out of a painting and doing master studies. It was very interesting and definitely made my brain stretch. The next exercise was to cut out various shapes from a magazine and arrange them to create an interesting composition. Once that was done we then extracted things out of that composition and began sketching ideas for a potential painting. After the initial sketches were made we took an element out of the sketch and began putting paint on canvas. To me this was very therapeutic and I really enjoyed creating layers. I struggle with values and sometime feel that my paintings are overall at the same level of intensity. I began by putting in darker areas to create depth. I had some oil pastels so I used those to bring out my lights. I really enjoyed seeing how the colors popped off of each other. I am a color freak! The result I used as my header in my blog, I was very pleased with it. This photo shows the collage then abstracting on paper, then the final product. I know this type of art isn't for everyone but I truly wish everyone could experience what it felt like to make it!

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